Frequently Asked Questions about WPA

What is Western Physicians' Alliance?

WPA is an Independent Physicians' Association formed in 1994.

What is the process for becoming a WPA member?

Physicians interested in WPA membership are invited to submit a letter of intent to the board of directors.

What are the costs of membership?

The total one-time contribution to become a WPA member is $1,300 per individual physician. The membership fee has remained the same for the duration of WPA's operations in our community.

In recent years, WPA has given its members a distribution more than offsetting the original membership contribution. The ability to provide these distributions is the result of sound fiscal and administrative management. Few other physician organizations have been able to provide similar annual benefits coupled with reasonable member costs.

How is WPA's board composed and how are officers selected?

The innovative composition of our Governing Board was designed to facilitate both compromise and agreement in matters benefiting all WPA members.

Eleven board seats are divided among the following specialty areas:

  • Four board members practice as Primary Care Physicians
  • Two seats are held by Medical Specialists
  • Two representatives are Surgical Specialists
  • Three seats are divided among Radiology, Anesthesiology, Pathology, Emergency Medicine and OB/GYN physicians

An Executive Committee is elected by Governing Board members and is composed of a President, Treasurer, Secretary and a Chairman of the Board. All are elected by a majority vote of all board members.

These eleven board members serve staggered two year terms. Elections are held annually in December.

What is the time frame for becoming a member?

The entire process, from the letter of intent through credentialing can take 90-120 days or longer depending on individual circumstances.

When can I start seeing patients under contracted plans?

You can call Evangeline Javier, our Membership/Credentialing Coordinator, at the administrative offices (her number is 827-5775). Or you may send her an email by going to the "Contact Us" section on this website.

My office has moved or my phone or fax number has changed. Is there a way to send the new information to WPA via email?

Yes. Go to the "Contact Us" page and send an email with any changes to your existing member information. You can also reach the office at (775) 827-5775.