WPA Population Health Pilot Update 

The potential role that IPA’s can play for its members has expanded with changes in the health care system.  WPA can assist its members with health care delivery as well as providing tools for its members to deal with changes in physician reimbursement models.

We see WPA as a vehicle for independent physicians to stay independent but to also to integrate clinically without joining a large hospital based system. We feel that the first step to achieve this integration is with information technology to allow for patient data sharing and create a new level of analysis. Access to these tools will allow physicians to meet the requirements of pay for performance models. Also, by monitoring patients in a new way that checks on their patients’ compliance to therapy recommendations and to allow for interventions that can improve care, decrease hospital admissions, and decrease cost of care.  

 Status of project to date

The WPA pilot program has now successfully developed the means to connect four different medical practices with four different EMR systems to analytic software that can organize patient data and provide real time actionable reports to allow for population management. Moreover, this cloud-based system has been done in collaboration with HealthHIE Nevada.

We feel that information provided by our new integrated system will allow the connected physicians to both improve their ability to provide patient care and to function with the changes in reimbursement models being proposed by the government and private health plans.

Goals for 2017

Our goal for the coming year is to connect more practices to our network and to expand the number of metrics we are analyzing. We will begin sharing these reports with the participating physicians on a regular basis, which will allow them to intervene for noncompliant patients, and to benchmark their practices on metrics that health plans are using for risk based contracts. No one can state with absolute certainty that the risk contracts hoped for by many health plans will actually become a reality but the word on the street, nationally, is they will, and if this is the case, WPA’s integrated system will be very helpful for successful outcomes.

WPA Population Health Network - Pilot

Western Physicians Alliance (WPA) is developing an Independent Physician Population Health Network using the Wellcentive platform. The first steps are the creation of a WPA pilot to produce clinical solutions and provide population management tools.

Analyzing patient population data along patient-specific, disease-specific or population-specific lines, these insights allow the pilot physicians to focus on the right patients with the appropriate treatments for improving outcomes and managing costs.

The Wellcentive platform not only delivers valuable point-of-care insights, but also drives patient engagement.  Whether it’s a flu shot, a mammogram, lab tests, or retinal exams.  It helps identify gaps in care and triggers those patients who need attention. 

Using a comprehensive, provider solution designed to make responsible population health management efficient and effective, individual WPA providers who are on disparate systems to act as one large provider group.

WPA’s partnership with the Nevada HIE can also help produce population reports at the physician, physician group or Health Information Exchange levels – including roll-up or drill-down reporting. Pilot participants can gain valuable insights into performance.

The Wellcentive platform uses a population data system to deliver evidence-based guidelines and reminders at the point of care, based on a complete picture of each patient by providing:

·      Detailed Patient Records

·      Care Gap Alerts

·      Medication Reconciliation

·      Care Records

·      Patient Report Cards

·      Secure Messaging provides shared access to patient data

·      Certified for complete or modular Meaningful Use