The History of Western Physician’s Alliance

Western Physicians’ Alliance was founded in 1994 by a group of Reno physicians.

At that time, managed health care payers were seeking more involvement from physicians in the areas of utilization management, risk contracts and other activities traditionally outside a typical physician’s practice. The experience of physicians in California and other parts of the country made it clear an Independent Physician Association (or IPA) could play a valuable role in supporting local physicians in the evolving managed health care environment of the early 90’s.

From its inception, Western Physicians’ Alliance has been sensitive to the needs of both primary care and specialty physicians. Its governing board has a unique and innovative composition designed to foster compromise and agreement among its physician members.

Promoting Quality Health Care in Northern Nevada

WPA has worked with with several health care plans in the region since its inception, improving access to, as well as improving the quality and cost efficiency of health care for patients in Northern Nevada.

Western Physicians’ Alliance
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