Member Benefits

WPA has worked diligently to reduce administrative burdens for its member physicians. WPA has also been instrumental in helping reduce the medical malpractice insurance costs for members.

Several years ago, an agreement negotiated with Trans-America Group allowed WPA members to acquire group malpractice insurance with a company offering not only discounted rates, but one known for reliably providing a defense against claims.

WPA, through its administrative resources, also provides credentialing services. This assistance alone has saved WPA’s members considerable internal resources, as well as hours of valuable practice time.

WPA’s administrative staff also provides an interface between individual physician practices and health plan personnel and has expedited resolutions to many other health care issues. These services have been, and continue to be, tremendously beneficial to WPA’s physician members.

WPA’s has a one-time membership fee. For the past several years, WPA’s Board has approved and paid generous annual distributions to each of its physician members. WPA’s ability to provide these distributions is the result of sound fiscal and administrative management.

Few, if any, other physician organizations have been able to provide so many benefits at so little membership cost to its members.

Building Bridges

For more than 20 years, Western Physicians’ Alliance has provided its growing membership with representation and services in the health care market. Many knowledgeable people within the health care industry believe WPA plays an essential role in the local medical community, stabilizing the business for its physician members and providing a methodology for improving quality and access to care.

America’s health care system is in constant evolution. Western Physicians’ Alliance is dedicated to remaining a viable force in our local health care community, serving as an effective, attentive advocate for its physician members and building bridges to other health care organizations as it serves the people and communities in Northern Nevada.